Robin DLC now available for Arkham City on PSN/XBLA

If you preordered Batman: Arkham City from the right place, you’ve been enjoying the companionship of Bat’s constant chum for weeks, but everyone else has been missing out on the Robin action. Today ends the Boy Wonder embargo, as players can now get their hands on a playable Robin, plus a couple new challenge maps to try him out on. Check him out in this new trailer:

This more hardcore version of the Tim Drake Robin first hit the rumor mill months ago, and while we’re glad he wasn’t playable in the campaign, it’s a great compromise that the teen titan can beat people up in the challenge rooms. This way Batman stays the focus of the campaign and the side modes get freshened up, including the addition of two new maps, Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape. You also get an Animated Series skin for him, and Tim Drake’s current Red Robin costume.

The DLC is 560 MS Points on XBLA and $6.99 on PSN right now. In other Bat news, the game hits PCs the on Friday 11/25 not only at retail, but on Steam, Origin, OnLive, and GameStop’s Impulse too.

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