After waiting almost 2 years, Genshin Impact fan community goes private after their favorite character is confirmed dead

Update: The moderators of the Signora Mains Genshin Impact subreddit explained that the sub was privated in large part to combat “an influx of trolls” and will likely remain private for at least a few weeks, though the community’s not inactive.

“Signora Mains have been struggling since Genshin Version 2.1,” they said in a message to GamesRadar+. “We hope to maintain a positive environment for the people who actually care about Signora. If someone dislikes Signora and does not bring something positive to the community, they are not welcomed here. It’s quite unfortunate that there are so many people who dislike Signora and Signora admirers. We really need to grow better as a community.”

Original story follows…

Genshin Impact’s big Fatui Harbinger reveal was built around the funeral of Signora, one of the story’s first main villains, and her dedicated Reddit community has now gone private following a flood of memes dunking on the officially deceased character. 

*Genshin Impact story spoilers ahead* 

There are two important bits of backstory here. Firstly, Signora has been around since Genshin Impact’s initial story arc began nearly two years ago. She snatched Venti’s Gnosis in the opening section of the game and has been a regular villain ever since. Signora was also a major player in the events of Inazuma, Genshin’s newest major region, but ultimately met her end at the hands of the electro archon Raiden. 

From the moment Signora was first revealed, some players have held out hope that she’d one day be a playable character. So like almost every other character in the game’s universe, a subreddit community dedicated to would-be Signora mains (opens in new tab) was quickly established. Another Fatui Harbinger, Tartaglia (or Childe), is playable after all, so the idea wasn’t too far-fetched. Of course, this community was built before Raiden turned Signora into ash – or less than ash, even, leaving literally no trace of the Harbinger behind.

Genshin Impact

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This brings us to the new video of other Harbingers attending Signora’s funeral, which has dashed the already thin hopes that the Crimson Witch of Flames may one day be revived phoenix-style and return as a playable character. Optimistic Signora mains have been the butt of countless jokes ever since Raiden fried the character to nothingness, but this funeral really opened the floodgates. The Signora Mains subreddit has been set to private, perhaps to stem the tide of memes but also potentially to shutter the community now that Signora’s out of the picture. We’ve reached out to the subreddit’s mods to confirm. 

my_contribution_to_the_bullying_of_signora_mains from r/Genshin_Memepact

no_respect_for_signora_hahaha_english_and from r/Genshin_Impact

what_is_in_the_coffin_cause_ei_made_sure_that_not from r/Genshin_Impact

when_the_roasting_of_the_followers_of_the_8th from r/Genshin_Memepact

To summarize, Signora fans hoped that she’d become playable, and then roughly a year later she was killed by the de facto god of electro, so they hoped she’d come back (to life, perhaps) and then become playable. And when news finally arrived months later, it was Signora being buried by the other Harbingers. So yeah, it’s been rough going for Signora mains. This comment (opens in new tab) says it best:

“We are gathered here today to remember our dear comrades from SignoraMains. In honor of their lockdown, all mockery of their copium should halt for half a day as the fandom mourns their passing.”

Mourning games has been oddly common lately; just yesterday, Red Dead Online players gathered to mourn the game at a sad, sporadic funeral. 

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