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Viking Death Squad review

Essential info – Game type: Sci-fi tabletop RPG – Players: 2 – 6 – Complexity: Moderate – Lasts: 120+ mins – Ages: 12+ – Price: $42 / £35 – Play if you enjoy: Warhammer, Index Card RPG Despite the game’s acronym sounding like something you might catch on a questionable first date, Viking Death Squad (or VDS) …

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Ms. Marvel episode 1 review: “An instant breath of fresh air”

Forget the normal Marvel fanfare; Ms. Marvel’s doing things differently. Instead of the usual introductory Marvel Studios orchestral piece, The Weeknd’s ‘Blinded By The Lights’ blasts out over the montage of MCU heroes. Then, we head into a stop-motion recreation of Endgame’s Battle of Earth, made from colorful sketches – …

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