Fall Guys fans stunned by esports-level speedruns: “No video game is ever just casual anymore”

Fall Guys fans are in awe of the handful of players making esports-level plays in what much of the gaming world considers a casual party game.

Take a look at the clip below from Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop. It seems you can build forward momentum through the dive move, and in Lily Leapers you can use this essentially skip your way across the bounce pads while keeping up enough speed to leave the competition in the dust. CouRage makes an impressive 39.2 time with that technique, as part of an even more impressive effort to win 50 crowns in a single 18 hour stream (opens in new tab).

Is this a Fall Guys World Record? pic.twitter.com/4LHbru6lspJuly 12, 2022

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But that’s not even remotely close to the best you can do in Lily Leapers. YouTuber Kerem has been posting Fall Guys speedruns for over a year, and recorded a 24.77 time that has the community buzzing.

Call of Duty account ModernWarzone (opens in new tab) jokes that “Fall Guys has a higher skill gap than Warzone.” (Or maybe it’s not a joke, I don’t even know at this point.) Esports personality Jake Lucky (opens in new tab) says “bruh on god no video game is ever just casual anymore wtf.”

Lucky conducted a brief interview (opens in new tab) with Kerem, asking the community’s biggest question: why? “Because it’s fun for me, you know,” Kerem says. “I’m not, like, stealing anybody’s crown or anything. It’s the first round, so I’m just trying to go as fast as possible, and not get in anybody else’s way. So I’m just doing it for fun, and not to bully others or something.”

The kicker? Kerem might not even be the fastest player in the game. Take a look at the 24:45 Lily Leapers run from YouTuber Sxyd below.

Fall Guys has been enjoying something of a resurgence since coming to Switch and Xbox and going free-to-play, and it seems the game’s most hardcore fans are only getting better.

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