Lost Girl 3.11 “Adventures In Fae-bysitting” REVIEW

Lost Girl 3.11 “Adventures In Fae-bysitting” TV REVIEW

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Episode 3.11
Writer: Sandra Chwialkowska
Director: Lee Rose

THE ONE WHERE Bo and Kenzi go undercover in suburbia to find out what’s been killing people; elsewhere, Lauren defies the Ash and runs away, and Dyson and Tamsin realise a Fae serial killer has been at work.

VERDICT This is probably the lightest, fluffiest episode that Lost Girl has given us all season, and it’s much needed after all the angst the writers have been piling on over the past few weeks. You can’t help feeling it could have been a lot funnier, though, and the concept of bitchy housewives teaming up to teach their cheating hubbies a lesson using witchcraft is hardly an original one. Still, seeing Bo and Kenzi navigating their way through an episode of Desperate Housewives is entertaining enough. And the housewives in question are wonderfully cast; they bicker and bitch as though they’ve been in a gossipy coven all their lives – great fun to watch! Gotta love their reasoning for cold-blooded murder, too: “We are just using what the universe gave us to rid ourselves of the negative forces in our lives.” Of course you are, darlings.

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More interesting than the story in suburbia is what’s going on with Dyson and Tamsin: they reopen the case of the woman found dead and presumed murdered by Bo, eventually finding a field full of Fae bodies. We’ll forgive the fact that Dyson tracked down the field so easily – and the fact that nobody noticed the dead woman had six fingermarks on her neck, rather than five – because the payoff is so good. What’s going on? Who’s killing Fae? Is this something to do with the Wanderer who’s taunting Bo? Intriguing…

FAE OF THE DAY A Duppy , a dead teenager named Lisa who is revived to kill on command. As Kenzi says, “What a cute name. Who names a killer a ‘Duppy’?”

LOVE TRIANGLE LATEST Last week we left Bo and Lauren “on a break” but this week Lauren takes the initiative and clears out of town, against the wishes of the Ash and without what looks like a second thought. We’re left not knowing whether her and Bo could have patched things up, which is frustrating for both Bo and the audience… Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about who’s going to water her plants. Oh wait, that is just me.

KISS COUNT Only one, and it’s a sad old kiss. Bo sucks the energy out of Lisa so that she can die in peace, and it’s really rather emotional. This show isn’t always about sex, y’know. Also, the fact that Bo walks into her house afterwards and says to Kenzi, “Hug. Now!” is just adorable. Everybody should have a Kenzi.

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NOT SO MERRY Bo repeatedly sees a merry-go-round which spins to the organ music of “The Wanderer”. For some reason this is the creepiest thing that has ever appeared on this show. Or any show. Ever. Why are merry-go-rounds so terrifying? I blame Ray Bradbury and his book Something Wicked This Way Comes (opens in new tab) .

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DID YOU SPOT? When Bo and Kenzi are watching a horror movie, Kenzi sports a fabulous pair of fluffy slippers.

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PROBLEM SOLVING, KENZI STYLE Kenzi must tell Lisa that she’s a killer Fae. How does she soften the blow? Check out all the cocktails. Brilliant.

HALE BUT NOT HEARTY Oh dear. As soon as Hale turns up wearing a smart suit – not a hint of a hat, or his usual smiley sass – we know that he’s in trouble. He’s taking the job of the Ash way too seriously. Is he a good guy or a bad guy now?


Susan: “I heard his wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She couldn’t cook anyway.”


Bo: “You bitches are witches!”

Jayne Nelson

Lost Girl season three will air in the UK on Syfy from 23 April

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