New Poster for The Woman In Black

Whilst the Paranormal Activity movies have made a multi-million pound success out of the found footage genre, it’s refreshing to note that there’s still room in Hollywood’s affections for an old-fashioned ghost story, as witnessed by the arrival of The Woman In Black .

A new poster has now been released for the haunted house saga, and its every bit as eerie as you might expect, with the titular lady surrounded by a clutch of ghostly children.

Daniel Radcliffe is the lucky man who gets to disturb the spectral inhabitants at Eel Marsh house, when his young lawyer is dispatched there to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased client.

From the looks of the glut of trailers that have been released so far, this one looks as though it will be a genuinely hair-raising experience, boasting creeping suspense and sudden shocks in equal measure.

If Radcliffe thought a baldy bloke without a nose was the worst he could expect to face off against in his cinematic career, he’d better think again. The Woman In Black opens in the UK on 10 February 2012.

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