Skull and Bones could be getting a big reveal and new release date next month

Another day, another Ubisoft leak. This one concerns its upcoming pirate adventure, Skull and Bones, which is rumored to be getting a formal reveal – including a possible release date – in July.

Beleaguered by setbacks and delays, Skull and Bones (opens in new tab) was originally revealed at E3 2017, and we’ve seen and heard surprisingly little since then beyond getting delay announcements in 2018 and then again in 2019.

According to ​​ (opens in new tab), however, that may be about to change (thanks, VGC (opens in new tab)). Industry insider Tom Henderson believes Ubisoft is set to showcase the game’s changes and improvements sometime in the week commencing July 4.

“Sources have said that Ubisoft is preparing to re-reveal Skull and Bones during the week of July 4,” Henderson said. “Details on what will be revealed are vague, but it’s understood that Ubisoft will finally confirm a release date for the long-awaited title, officially reveal gameplay, and share some other additional details.”

If you’ve been paying attention to the Skulls and Bones scuttlebutt, of course, this may not be all that surprising to you. Skull and Bones was recently rated for the second time in as many months, this time by the rating board in Brazil. Previously, Skull and Bones had received an official classification last month in Australia (opens in new tab)

Details were similarly scant on the title from both rating boards, but the Australian rating board did reveal that there’s no nudity in Ubisoft’s new game. Brazil, however, informed us that the pirate multiplayer game from Ubisoft will see a launch across PC, PS5 (opens in new tab), Xbox Series X (opens in new tab)/S, and Google Stadia, and its “production” year is listed as this year in 2022. That makes sense, as Ubisoft has long said Skull and Bones was targeting a release date near the end of the 2022 financial year (opens in new tab), which would be March 2023 at the latest.

Back in February, Ubisoft stated that development on Skull and Bones was “going well (opens in new tab),” and that we shouldn’t have to wait past Fall 2022 to actually play the game for ourselves. Hopefully, we’ll find out for sure sometime next month, eh?

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