Konami releases free iOS version of Frogger

Konami is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Frogger with a free iOS/Android app based on the arcade classic. Frogger Free, available now for iOS (opens in new tab) and Android (opens in new tab) devices, recreates the traffic-dodging twitch-play of the original with multiple game modes, Facebook integration, online leaderboards, and revamped graphics that can be turned off if you’re feeling retro. Yep, that sounds like it’s ticking all the boxes for an arcade remake.

Frogger Free is only one component of Konami’s thirty-year extravaganza for the title. Also available for iOS are Frogger Pinball, whose content you can probably imagine; and Frogger Decades, which provides the epic mobile Frogger adventure that the Frogger super-hardcore have doubtless been awaiting for thirty years now. There’s also the 3DS’ Frogger 3D (opens in new tab) – which, again, your guess is probably right on the money.

Some might complain that all this Frogger action is overshadowing the 30-year anniversaries of, say, Gorf or Bosconian (they sure knew how to combine random letters to name an international media property in those days), but we’d argue that the rules are pretty simple: if your game makes it onto Seinfeld, it gets a proper birthday party. Otherwise, no app for you.

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