Duke Nukem Forever demo comes June 3 according to sly new trailer

Whether you like Duke Nukem and his antics or find him lowbrow, you have to admit that the developer Gearbox has been doing a pretty good job of advertising Duke Nukem Forever. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s chief, talks about it with obvious passion and it can be pretty infectious. In Pitchford’s most recent update, things seemed a little fishy, but ultimately it’s filled with good news. Watch and see what we mean:

So Duke’s still on track for his June 14 in the US release date, while the UK gets it earlier for a change on June 10, and while we wait we’ll have a demo to enjoy on June 3. If the staging of this cheeky video didn’t make much sense, watch Pitchford’s previous update on the game:

It really does seem like we’ll at long last have Duke Nukem Forever, which is something you’re never prepared for as a games journalist. Looks like we won’t have Duke Nukem to kick around any more.

May 16, 2011

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