Project Copernicus video gives a glimpse at the work-in-progress MMO

A new video has been posted on YouTube which gives us one of our best glimpses yet of the canceled MMO known only as Project Copernicus.

Developed by Big Huge Games, Project Copernicus was lost in the calamity that was the closure of 38 Studios. Rarely have we had the chance to see the in-progress MMO, but this new video gives us a great new look at what is obviously one of the game’s major cities.

It’s not clear what portion of the game this city represents, or if this is a large part of what was developed. That said, the video only actually shows the one major city (or so it seems) with concept art filling in the rest. While the major city is of unparralleled beauty in the MMO genre, it’s tough not to wonder if too much work went into that small area.

Embedding has been disabled on the video, but you can access it on YouTube here (opens in new tab). Just try not to tear up when Aerith’s theme kicks in. Why does everything beautiful have to die?

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