Mass Effect 3: Final release-countdown brings extended Take Back Earth trailer and Avatar items

So by now you probably know that, having teased the new “Take Back Earth” spot with a miniclip last week, EA’s big Sunday reveal was itself just a teaser for this, an extended trailer for the March 6 blockbuster. The new version’s pleasantly paced-out with plenty of heroic slo-mo, but there’s also further hints that… yep, that creepy-looking sunflower girl is totally dead. RIP, creepy-looking sunflower girl.You will be avenged.

If you need some retail therapy to help you get through the next couple weeks (or deal with the passing of the creepy-looking sunflower girl), Microsoft’s also got plenty of new ME3-themed Avatar gear (opens in new tab) on sale in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Whether you choose to kit your Avatar out in Mass Effect fan-threads or some costumes from the game itself, rest safe in the knowledge that all these items carry the blessing of the only website to combine videogame news and culture with cutting-edge fashion advice.

It’s a hard job that doesn’t take holidays, but we like to think we’re making a difference.

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