Far Cry 3: See combat and environments in new gameplay footage

Last week’s Far Cry 3 announcement from Ubisoft was missing one notable element: a decent chunk of first-person footage from the game in action. The company’s rectified that today, with the release of a good five minutes of in-game footage showing how the title’s looking during those bits between cutscenes. There’s plenty of NSFW language in here – but that probably doesn’t worry you too much today (thanks, Presidents)!

Besides first-person-shooting (which is looking just fine, thank you), the new footage also allows a glimpse at the game’s first-person-exploring and first-person-crazy-old-pharmacologist-placating elements, all of which look every bit as pretty and intriguing as you’d expect. Not much explanation given as to how the game’s hero goes from clueless vacationer to neck-stabbing sociopath – but with Ubi having pitched the game’s story as one of paranoia and psychological turmoil, that’ll just be one more thing to look forward to finding out. That, or there’s something in those mushrooms.

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