Megaton Modern Warfare 3 leak hits the internet, nukes every fact and secret about the game, its story and settings

  • The story picks up immeduately after the end of Modern Warfare 2. Price and Soap are making their escape to safety, but the Russian invasion of America continues.
  • The story takes in locations all over the planet and sees you playing existing characters and acast of new DeltaForceoperatives. The plot revolves around attempts to track down bad honcho Makarov, hold off the Russian forces in occupied America, and bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The Russian President and a peace treaty become major plot points.
  • Price and Soap are present throught the story, but it seems that sometimes they’ll be NPCs in the scenes that involve them.
  • There are 20 multiplayer levels. It’s not known whether some will be DLC. Brooklyn, Africa and Paris arethree locations, andall are also mentioned in the reported storyline.
  • Spec Ops returns, and there’s a second mode this time, called Survival. It sounds like CoD’s version of Horde mode, with multiple waves attacking a co-op team until the players are eventually overcome.

Want more? There’s a lot of it over atKotaku. (opens in new tab)A lot. You were warned.

May 13, 2011

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