Bill Hader will cameo in Men In Black III

Bill Hader has bagged a cameo in Men in Black III .

The Saturday Night Live funnyman has been confirmed to portray Andy Warhol in the sci-fi fantasy sequel.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld is currently filming on location in New York with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who are reprising their roles as Secret Agents J and K respectively.

The plot has been kept a secret, although it is known there is an element of time travel, when the MIB agents are sent back to the year 1969 to save the world once again.

The third part in the movie trilogy boasts a new selection of popular actors including Josh Brolin as a young Agent K, with Emma Thompson and Alice Eve playing the different ages of Agent Oh.

After 2007’s Superbad , Hader is in hot demand having just appeared in the alien comedy Paul , and those Ghostbusters III rumours wont go away.

Several iconic personalities from the past are expected to appear in MIB3 , which is due for release in May 2012.

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