Cannes 2011: Unlawful Killing sparks controversy

Unlawful Killing , Keith Allen’s controversial documentary about the death of Princess Diana, caused a furore when it screened in Cannes yesterday.

The doc looks unlikely to recieve a UK release as Allen announced he wasn’t prepared to make changes.

His laywers suggested a list of 87 changes to the film, which follows the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

The film argues, among other things, the UK media failed to report the events accurately.

At the post-screening press conference, Allen said “It’s an ongoing process, and it may still be seen.”

A Diana biographer in the audience disrupted the event by shouting that the film was ‘lies’ and questioning its authenticity.

Further controversy was sparked when it was revealed the film had been funded entirely by Mohammed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father, something Allen hadn’t made clear.

Allen had apparently sought funding from the BBC, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky before turning to Fayed, who provided the whole £2.5 million budget, and is apparently ‘delighted with the film.’

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