E3 2011: BioShock Infinite will support Move controls

At Sony’s E3 press conference earlier this evening, Irrational Games’ Ken Levine beganhis presentation byrecounting a recent interview he gave where he completely poo-pooed motion controls, firmly stating that his company was dedicated to traditional button-based input.So refreshing, right? We were totally with himas hepoked funatmotion controlsby flailing about ridiculously, but we also had an inkling where he was headed with this intro. Quicker than you could waggle a controller, Levine changed his tune completely and announced Move support for BioShock Infinite.

So it looks like BioShock Infinite will join Mass Effect 3 in the list of upcoming “hardcore” games that are attempting to appeal to “casual” gamers with an option for non-traditional controls. As Levine was eating crow, he mentioned the need to include people who might feel intimidated by the idea of using a traditional controller, what with all the confusing buttons (it’s not like they’re labeled or anything).

If I mayvoice an option here though, it seems unfair totellpeople who are inexperienced but interestedin playing games that a traditional controller will be too hard for them to manage. Convincingnewcomers that they need to use an inferior, often frustrating,motion-controlled input systemmay only serve to push them furtheraway from gaming.I find it hard to believe that there’s really that large of an audience whowants to play games like BioShock Infinite and Mass Effect 3 but would be incapable of learning how to use a standard controller if theyactually gave it an honest try.

During the first big push for motion controls viaWii and later Move and Kinect, we were told that these new-fangled systemswould enhance gameplay immersion and provide a unique experience. But this year it seems like they’re instead being billed merely as an alternative for those of us who simply prefer not to use a traditional controller. But again, how many people who shun a traditional controller are actually interested in playing these types ofgames at all?

What do you think? Is anyone excitedto use Move controls in BioShock Infinite?

Jun 6, 2011

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