BioShock Infinite: Columbias Finest pack is not that kind of DLC

BioShock Infinite has received its first morsel of DLC on Steam, and creator Ken Levine is assuring fans that more Columbia stories are coming. Columbia’s Finest costs $5 and combines all the upgrades accessible from the pre-order only Industrial Revolution Pack, and the Ultimate Songbird Edition’s Upgrade Pack.

With Columbia’s Finest, players start the game with five extra lockpicks, 500 Silver Eagles, six new gear items providing unique passive bonuses, and two upgraded weapons: Comstock’s China Broom Shotgun and Comstock’s Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle.

Don’t worry, Columbia’s Finest doesn’t count against the three-episode, $30 BioShock Infinite Season Pass. Ken Levine took to Twitter to confirm that development is proceeding on the post-release episodes.

DLC Update: We are working on it- have been since the game shipped. Things are going well, but plz understand: game development takes time.June 26, 2013

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Given how long BioShock Infinite took to escape Irrational Games, we’re not surprised by the wait.

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