Hotline Miami out now on PS3 and Vita

Hotline Miami (opens in new tab), the gloriously violent and effortlessly cool puzzle-action game, is now available on PSN in the US. UK and Europe will have to wait until tomorrow for the game. For the super-reasonable price of £7.29 or $8.99 you can grab Hotline Miami as a cross-buy, which means you’ll be able to play the same copy on both PS3 and Vita.

We’ve had the game since yesterday, and have been playing it for hours. Although there’s little gameplay difference from the PC version–read our review right here (opens in new tab)–the controls have been adapted for both PS3 and Vita. While the PS3 version struggles to translate to the pad (constantly having to switch between movement and scouting the area is a chore) the Vita game benefits from smart use of the touch-screen. Here you tap to lock onto enemies, and drag to look around each level. The smaller thumbsticks make the game’s precise movements feel more accurate on Vita too.

Importantly, though, both versions restart instantly after death, and feature that insanely cool 80s soundtrack. There’s an exclusive mask to unlock; the lone new piece of content. A little stingy perhaps, but at £7.29 / $8.99 Hotline Miami is still brilliant value and hugely recommended.

Want to see the game in action? Yes, you really, really do. Here’s an extremely disturbing trailer:

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