World War Z reveals an official logo

World War Z has begun ramping up its promotional campaign, releasing an official logo after revealing the first glimpse of footage earlier this week.

It’s an extremely minimal design, with cool, steely letters, and the great big ‘Z’ (for zombie, in case you were wondering) making the centrepiece.

Given that the film’s marketing team have played it extremely coy thus far, it’s no surprise that the logo is so plain, revealing zilch in the way of plot details, actorly faces or undead mayhem.

Check out the logo in full, below:

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[ Click on the logo to see it in hi-res ]

With Brad Pitt’s name hovering overhead, and the release year loitering at the bottom, it’s easy to imagine this working as a poster, so don’t be surprised if you see it draped on the walls of your local multiplex.

Pitt leads the adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel, playing a UN employee caught in the midst of a global-scale zombie apocalypse.

It seems as if the film will be going with a more straightforward narrative over Brooks’ structure, which saw the UN agent protagonist travel the world to interview survivors of the pandemic, taking in stories from families, military folk, and politicians.

World War Z opens in the UK on 21 June 2013, and the trailer will be dropping on Friday.

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