Two exclusive new images from British thriller Two Days In The Smoke

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The first stills from new Brit thriller Two Days In The Smoke have been released, and you can take a look at them right here.

The shots feature lead actor Matt Di’Angelo brandishing a gun, and romancing Lili Bordán in a restaurant. That’s quite the high-octane lifestyle he’s gotten himself into.

Di’Angelo is a well-known BBC face, having appeared in EastEnders and Hustle (and, yes, Strictly Come Dancing ). Bordán has been seen in Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome and Silent Witness . Ben Pickering directs, with independent Slate4Films producing.

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Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

“From city workers and barristers to prostitutes, hit men, gangsters, actors, salesmen and nuns, Two Days In The Smoke touches on the lives of an eclectic mix of characters living in modern day British society. Set against the topical backdrop of the global financial meltdown and last year’s riots in London, it aims to highlight the chasm between the haves, the hads and the never hads.”

Two Days In The Smoke is expected to open in autumn 2012.

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