Tribes: Ascend beta updated with plenty of stealthy bonuses

Hi-Rez Studios has announced the first in a line of class-specific updates for its free-play online shooter, Tribes: Ascend. The Cloak & Dagger Update, going live this week, adds optional weapon upgrades for the game’s Infiltrator class, allowing the purchase of Smoke Grenades, laser-edged Throwing Knives and the Jackal, which fires remote-detonated explosive rounds. These can be added in exchange for in-game XP or real-world cash converted to Tribes Gold.

There’s also new skins for the Infiltrator class, buyable only with Tribes Gold: the Assassin and Mercenary skins, which won’t boost your gameplay any but ought to make your character even more fearsome-looking. Of course, if you’re playing as the game’s designated stealth class, your hope is that nobody’s going to see you in the first place – but they might as well not see you looking really deadly, instead of not seeing you just looking a bit tough. Hi-Rez promises further class-specific content packs like this will be released over the coming weeks.

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