Sniper Elite V2 preview – First look at the Overwatch co-op mode

Slow-motion and explosive gore make a great couple, and in Sniper Elite V2 they show up quite a lot. The biggest payoff comes from lining up the perfect shot then watching a slow-mo camera view of the bullet penetrating a soldier’s helmet with an audible “tink” then watching how it jumbles his brain up before exiting his cranium. We’ve written about how Sniper Elite V2 made us feel like a real sniper, using the environment to flank enemy squads, timing church bells to mask position revealing gunfire, and strategically dropping targets to gain the upper hand against overwhelming numbers. What could be more awesome? Well, doing all that with a buddy, of course. Watch the co-op in action as Rebellion’s Head of Creative, Tim Jones, takes us through a round of Overwatch in the video below.

Online, players will have to chance to team up with a friend to play through the entire campaign or attempt to complete three separate mission types: Kill Tally, Bombing Run and Overwatch. Kill Tally makes up the obligatory horde mode invading shooters since Gears of War popularized it. Bombing Run tasks players to collect parts and fuel for an escape vehicle before they get vaporized in an incoming allied air strike. In our demo of Overwatch, each player fills separate roles. The sniper, who picks off enemy threats to protect his partner traversing a German infested city square; and the other, the spotter, who must complete multiple objectives spread across the map.

As an incentive to get players to pre-order the game, those who do will get the exclusive Hitler DLC. Along with two additional sniper rifles the bonus level offers an alternate timeline, “what if” scenario where you get a chance to assassinate the Nazi leader himself before he board a well-guarded train.

Sniper Elite V2 releases on May 1 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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