Tim Schafers Kickstarter ends in a few hours: watch the livestream here

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer is counting down the hours until the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign that’s seen more than $3M donated toward the company’s next game. Initially launched to raise a paltry (ahem) $400,000, the campaign has, at time of writing, garnered some $3.1 million to go toward Schafer’s madcap schemes and/or equally madcap point-‘n’-click revival, Double Fine Adventure. Who knows how much he’ll have by the drive’s conclusion at 3PM PST? Well, anyone watching the video stream immediately below these words, for starters.

Live broadcasting by Ustream (opens in new tab)Above: Ustream’s page for the event has a comment feed, but ours has a fetching orange colorscheme, so, potato potahto

The prizes for the top three pledges – some 114 of them in total – have all been earmarked to existing donors, but there’s still plenty of lower- and mid-tier pledge rewards available should you feel like becoming a part of the effort. Schafer’s posted instructions to get hold of a pre-paid credit card for funding purposes, and will be livestreaming the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign to the feed above.

The company’s also asked that, as the drive winds down, followers stick to the video feed rather than reloading the page every second, as that could crash the website – blocking last-minute donations to this and other drives alike. You hear that, Internet? You are becoming dangerously addicted to altruism by proxy.

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