The Riddler is more mysterious than ever in new Batman: Arkham City promo art

Check out the latest piece of promotional art for Batman: Arkham City – The Riddler decked out in black, white and, of course, a dastardly dash of green. His trademark question marks are everywhere, from the pattern on his back (condescendingly turned towards the viewer in true narcissistic Nigma fashion) to the custom cane (and probable sheathed weapon) he grips in his gloved hands.

We knew the puzzle-obsessed villain would play a larger role in Arkham City based onthe teaser trailerI saw at GDC in March and theaudio tapeI found at E3 earlier this month, but this official poster image emphasizes just how important and intricate to the plot Edward Nigma will be. He joins major characters like Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Penguin in receiving developer Rocksteady’s signature stark style.Robin was revealedwith similar art last week.

Looking for more information on The Riddler’s role in Batman: Arkham City? The cassette interview mentioned earlier really is a must listen for fans of the franchise – it includes tantalizing new details on not only Edward Nigma, but Hugo Strange and Mayor Quincy Sharp as well. Hint: One of these men is hypnotizing the other!

Jun 28, 2011

Jun 28, 2011

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