First image of Robin in Batman: Arkham City revealed

Best Buy let slip the first real info on Robin’s appearance in Batman: Arkham City last week (opens in new tab) when advertising pre-orders for the title. Rocksteady was then forced to confirm Robin’s existence in the game, but was quiet on anything more than the Robin in question being Tim Drake. Today the Best Buy site once again beat the developer to the punch by revealing the first ever image of Robin from Arkham City, plus some new details on just how the bonus offer works.

On Best Buy’s pitch for the pre-order, some interesting info can be gleamed. First of all, the Robin in question is definitely Tim Drake (the third hero to go by that alias) as he’s carrying Tim”s trademark staff, though it looks like he just came back from bald space marine boot camp. Not only does the pre-order net you access to Robin, but also two additional challenge maps called Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape. And the best news for comic nerds, you also get a Red Robin character skin, which we assume means Tim can wear the costume of his current identity (opens in new tab).

Above: How does this Boy Wonder fit in the pantheon of Robins? (image by Chris Antista)

Though some of you out there may be tired of all these retailer-exclusive bits of gameplay, rumors around the net (opens in new tab)say that you’ll get exclusive early access to maps that will be offered to the public later, so people who skip Best Buy should eventually get to play those maps. Hopefully Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros Interactive will give us something more concrete soon, maybe even a color image of Robin, instead of one that’s black and white and red all over.

Jun 20, 2011

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