Street Fighter Heroclix coming in August, could make fighting with dice fun for all

This might be somewhat old news to the hardcore tabletop gamers that read our site, but Capcom just announced on their community blog (opens in new tab)that the Street Fighter franchise is expanding to the world of collectible miniature combat. That’s right, the time for Street Fighter Heroclix is now!

The set comprises 24 different figures, including a six figure starter pack (pictured above), with the rest available one at a time via blind box purchase. Ken, Ryu, Chun-li, Bison, Blanka, and most of the other core guys have been confirmed, but the full set list remain a mystery. We hope Dan will be part of this group instead of beingheld back for the next wave.

For the uninitiated, Heroclix is a long-running strategy game with simpler rules than tabletop adventures like Mech Warrior, and the multiple licenses that interact though a unified rule set is its greatest attribute. The game is most famous to comic fans for the hundreds of figures based on Marvel and DC heroes, though the Clix world encompasses an eclectic set of franchises to say the least, including Halo, Aliens vs Predator, and even the Freddy vs Jason film. Now imagine Street Fighters facing off with all those guys…

Above: Just a taste of the possible insanity

Heroclix is much closer to Final Fantasy Tactics than SFII Turbo, making its die rolling ways seem antithetical to the fast arcade gameplay of SF, but this opens up so many interesting options for the game we don’t care about the incompatibility. Sure, we’ve seen Street Fighter vs Marvel already, but now we can see them against a dozen other universes. All we need noware some Mortal Kombat Clix and things will be perfect.

Jun 23. 2011

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