Slick new SSX trailer goes all Tricky on us

Remember when EA first showed off the announcement trailer for the new SSX: Deadly Descent? We were seriously conflicted. On the one hand SSX was confirmed for a welcome return, but on the other the grey landscape showing a generic boarder perilously slipping down a mountainside made us question whether EA had lobotomised the series. Eugh, we’re even shivering at the thought of it now.

Anyway, fast forward to 2012, with the Deadly Descent tag removed, and a trio of GR writers agreeing – via not one (opens in new tab), not two (opens in new tab), but three (opens in new tab) previews – that all was well with SSX and all fears have been allayed. And with this latest trailer of Tricky-based wonderment we’re even more confident that the stylish fun of the previous games will be fully intact in SSX. Check it…

So what do you think? Personally, we’re pretty damn excited about grinding on the helicopter struts and hammering out uber moves with aplomb. Only a couple more months to wait until it’s release (February 28th US, 2nd March EU) but even that feels like too long to wait.

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