Snakeskin 3DS to be bundled with MGS: Snake Eater 3D

Hideo Kojima has been stirring rumors of a bundled 3DS release to accompany Snake Eater 3DS. Today, the designer tweeted the first teaser image of the custom console that would accompany his remade jungle-stealth thriller, and it’s one of the more stylish first-party mods we’ve seen in quite some time. Take a look at the Snakeskin 3DS below.

Above: Feast your eyes (not your belly, as this is far too square and WiFi-compatible to be an actual snake)

Kojima claims this is the games industry’s “first snake pattern-embossed design” – which it probably is, come to that. Even in the ’70s when consoles were decked out in wood-panel, no one thought to make a games machine out of faux freakin’ snakeskin. Expect cowboys, pimps, and anyone else known for outfitting themselves in snake-leather to crowd the internet come Jan 20, when further details on the bundle will be made public.

Source: Andriasang

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