Simpsons Arcade headed to Xbox 360 this Friday

You most likely remember how PSN+ subscribers get a free download of The Simpsons Arcade Game next week. The game’s also coming to XBLA this Friday, Konami has revealed, allowing Xbox 360 players to relive an early high-water mark for Matt Groening’s 90s-defining characters. The 800 MSP download will also feature bonus content including new play modes and a Japanese version of the title, says Konami.

Having used up all our ready facts on The Simpsons Arcade Game a couple days back, can we keep you around a while longer with a comprehensive list of videogames as seen within the show itself? How about a slightly less comprehensive, more visually appealing version of same? Or, hell, just leap straight into trying to get your head around a playable version of Season 18’s Earthland Realms. Expect the closure of Blizzard and Bioware within the month…

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