First look at new Dark Knight Rises toys


Right, we know we said you need to leave space on your Christmas list for the new LOTR Lego collection, but you’re going to have to find a little more now, as pictures have been released of the new Dark Knight Rises toy range… and it’s awesome.

First up is a trio of vinyl pop figures of Batman, Catwoman and Bane, and if ever there were a cuter model of a masked psychopath than the latter, we’ve yet to find it.

In addition to that, there’s a new Batman action figure in the pipeline, with some interesting-looking accessories included. Is that some kind of drill attachment he’s sporting there? How will that fit into the film, we wonder?

There’s also a model of Bruce Wayne’s new vehicle, The Bat, which should probably find its way onto your list as well. But best of all is the Batman chessboard, which plays out atop Gotham City’s skyline and features pieces shaped like Robin, Penguin and the Batmobile.

If that isn’t one of the greatest pieces of tie-in merchandising ever created, we’ll eat our collective hat. The toys should be launched around June, so start saving those pennies now. Try not to justify it too much… it’s best just to hand your money over!

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