SFX reveals the 100 greatest Sci-Fi characters of all time

The latest lavish co-production from SFX and Total Film presents: The 100 Greatest SF Characters Of All Time from movies and TV is out now! It’s a personality clash of epic proportions as the biggest names from Star Wars battle it out with favourites from Star Trek, Doctor Who, Terminator, Alien, Back To The Future and loads more in 148 pages of trivia-packed action.

There are also interviews, features, retrospectives and a preview of the new Star Wars trilogy. From the history of Godzilla to Chris Hemsworth’s advice for not sounding stupid when speaking Asgardian this Special Edition is full of surprises.

And if you buy this Special Edition in Tesco, there’s an exclusive, free Terminator postcard too – in limited editions you may even find two!

So, did Bender beat Baymax? Did Magneto triumph over Marty McFly? Was R2-D2 crowned king of the droids? You’ll only find out if you buy The 100 Greatest SF Characters Of All Time. Buy it online here (opens in new tab) now!

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