Super Mario Maker comes with 100 courses to get you started

Super Mario Maker is all about creating and sharing your own cool/weird/sadistic levels online, but it’s also a fully fledged single-player Mario game. Nintendo revealed on a promotional site (opens in new tab) that the upcoming Wii U game will come with 100 courses pre-built and ready to play, with no Mario making required.

For reference, the original Super Mario Bros. had 32 courses, so 100 should be enough to keep you busy for a while. You’ll also have access to a theoretically infinite number of courses once the player community starts uploading its own creations, but it sounds like Super Mario Maker will be worthwhile even for fans who are unable to connect online.

I can’t decide whether Nintendo should include those nefarious Nintendo World Championships levels (opens in new tab) in the base package, though. It could be fun to try them them out en masse, or it could just inspire TV smashing the likes of which we haven’t seen since before those grippy silicon jackets started coming standard with Wii Remotes.

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