Russell Tovey Hints At More Big Changes To Being Human Series Four

The actor who plays werewolf George tells CultBox that series four will be much more an ensemble piece

Seems that Being Human filling a Mitchell-shaped hole with a posh new vampire called Hal isn’t the only major change in series four. According to an interview with Russell Tovey (George) on CultBox (opens in new tab) , it appears that he’ll be taking more of a backseat as a number of new regulars come more to the fore.

“When it comes out people are going to see that it’s very spread out and there’s a lot more characters in this series,” says Tovey. “Because we lost Aidan in the last series because he got killed – the character, not the actor – a lot more happens in this series, so there’s been opportunities to go off and do other things.

“Michael Socha, who was Robson Green’s son last year, is coming back. Craig Roberts is back as the young vampire, he went off to do the Submarine movie – he’s amazing. There’s a brand new vampire – Damien Molony plays a character called Hal, he’s kinda become the new head vampire.

“There’s so many new characters being introduced, it’s really exciting. I can’t way to see it all fit together! You’ve still got your loved ones in there and the fans are still going to really enjoy it, but it’s the fourth series now and the storyline is going completely crazy, I think people will love it.”

So, it seems that as well as Hal – about whom we already knew – , werewolf Tom (Socha) and eternal teen vampire Adam (Roberts) are going to be more in the spotlight as well. It all sounds very intriguing and a chance to re-invent the show.

Check out the full interview at Cultbox (opens in new tab) , where Tovey also talks about his appearance in Sherlock .

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