Justin Timberlake offered a key role in the Coen brothers next

Justin Timberlake’s crossover from pop warbler to fully-fledged movie actor could be about to receive a credibility boost from the Coen brothers: they’ve offered him a major role in their new movie, Inside Llewyn Davis .

The film is set in New York’s Greenwich Village during the ’60s, and follows Oscar Isaac’s title character, who’s said to be loosely based on folk singer Dave Van Ronk.

If he signs on, JT is in line to play another folk singer named Jim, and he’ll be married to Carey Mulligan’s Jean.

It seems difficult to imagine Timberlake turning down the chance to work on such a talent-laden project, but the deal is only at the offer stage at the moment.

Timberlake’s best work to date has been on The Social Network , but he’s been taking on ever more prominent roles in sizeable movies, graduating to the lead in Friends With Benefits and In Time .

As with any Coen brothers movie, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Inside Llewyn Davis is expected to open in 2013.

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