Rumors of discontinued support for PlayStation 3 component cables (mostly) false

Composite cables and their standard definition images will continue to be looked down upon with mild distain.

The memo, which was obtained byKotaku (opens in new tab), stated that Sony would begin shipping the new PS3 “K” chassis this week, and that GameStop employees should be aware of the changes so that they can advise customers of the HDMI cable requirement for HD output.

The most notable (real) change to the “K” chassis is that an HDMI connection will be required to play Blu-ray movies in their full resolution, which is in response to the Advanced Access Content System’s Final Adopter Agrement (AACS (opens in new tab)), a standard DRM for Blu-ray disks. The AACS new requirements state that by 2014, new Blu-ray players won’t be allowed to support component ports.

Current PS3 and Blu-ray owners have nothing to worry about because the changes will only affect future models, but if a GameStop employee suggests you purchase a heavily marked-up HDMI connection, don’t get suckered into it. Look onAmazon (opens in new tab)orCable Train (opens in new tab)for a much better deal.

Jul 13, 2011

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