Resistance Trilogy confirmed by Sony after Amazon leak

Sony has confirmed (opens in new tab) that a listing on Amazon France (opens in new tab) (via CVG (opens in new tab)) for Resistance: The Trilogy is legit, saying it’ll release details for the triple-pack’s worldwide availability soon. At the moment, the pack’s only available for preorder in France, with a pricetag of 60 Euros and a release date of May 16 – which translates to $US80 and, um, still May 16, though both will most likely see some change when the pack’s announced for American retail.

Above: To be fair, the French have been noted Resistance fans for some time (opens in new tab)

Amazon France has established itself as a premiere source of unsanctioned Sony information, with the site having leaked details of more than one PS3 pack (Ratchet & Clank HD collection teased (opens in new tab), Amazon France reveals Killzone 3 PS3 bundle (opens in new tab)) and doing its best to reveal the title of Uncharted 3 (opens in new tab). We’re not sure whether this suggests incompetence or mad genius on the part of the Gallic media-merchants – but if new-release news and obscure game sales are what you want, who are we to argue? Quelqu’un veut-il acheter un exemplaire utilisé de Shinobi pour la PS2? Il n’est pas très bon!

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