Marvels Kevin Feige talks future projects


With The Avengers hitting the screen sooner than soon, Kevin Feige has revealed a few insights into future additions to the Marvel film canon.

He discussed Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Blank Panther, the Hulk and Avengers sequels at a recent Apple Store event, also attended by Mark Ruffalo. And it sounds like there’s the prospect of a conveyor belt of Marvel crossovers in the coming years.

On Ant-Man , Feige revealed that “Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have written a very good draft” and “this summer we’ll see some forward momentum”. An old draft of Luke Cage is knocking around, along with a more recent working of Black Panther, and Feige would “love to bring them to the screen”.

It seems Ruffalo and Feige have discussed a standalone Hulk feature, with Feige stating: “When it’ll be, who knows? But the conversation’s definitely started”.

Ruffalo added: “I’m gonna try and get Joss Whedon in a room and work out what could be a Hulk movie, with Kevin’s blessing of course.”

But the bulk of the conversation was about the Avengers’ Civil War story. “Civil War was a great crossover story, with the superhero registration act where the government wants to force them to reveal their secret identities. Iron Man thinks it’s a good idea, Captain America disagrees, so that leads to a sort of civil war.” said Feige, but he’s unsure when it will hit the screens, “I certainly don’t think we’ll see that before Avengers 3 , so maybe that’ll be a good number for it, who knows.”

And the prospect of a plethoric slew of Avengers goodness is sure to please any fan: “Discussions are beginning. The idea is to replicate that experience of the comics, so we’ve got these individual solo titles, then the crossovers every few years, I would love to replicate that every three or four years.” You’d better get strapped in for the ride.

Avengers Assemble opens in the UK on 26 April 2012. Yup, that soon.

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