Pokemon Legends Arceus battle system crushes unwary players

Pokemon Legends Arceus players are really falling afoul of the new battle system.

Just below, you can see one such example of a player getting cheesed in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The player’s Ursuluna uses a power High Horsepower move, decimating the opposing Electrivite’s health, but that doesn’t stop the foe using three attacks in a row to put the Ursuluna out of the matchup for good.

Just below is an even more egregious example of a Pokemon Legends Arceus player getting schooled. An opposing Pikachu uses four Quick Attacks in succession, without the player being allowed to respond, to knock their Rabbia out of the ongoing match entirely.

The comments underneath the two Pokemon-related subreddit posts are pretty astounded. Pokemon Legends Arceus is generally seen as a more mainline RPG than the rest of the Pokemon games, and with that comes an entirely redesigned battle system, hence why the enemy Pokemon in the clips above are able to dole out a wave of attacks in a row, without letting the player respond.

Honestly, it’s easy to see why some Pokemon Legends Arceus players might be more than a little miffed at these instances. The prospect of an already-intimidating enemy Pokemon able to vanquish your creatures without you being able to attack back is a little one-sided. Perhaps, if developer Game Freak continues developing Pokemon games utilizing Arceus’s brand new battle system, we could potentially see changes to the new formula at some point further down the line.

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