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30 best PC games to play right now

It’s hot outside, there are plenty of game sales on – what better time to catch up on some of the best PC games of all time? Our list of the 30 best PC games has something for everyone, whether it’s indie games or bombastic AAA blockbusters. If it’s something …

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Huge Skyrim co-op mod finally drops this week

Skyrim’s getting a co-op via an ambitious new mod called Skyrim Together Reborn, and it’s out this week. As recently announced (opens in new tab) by a dedicated team of developers in Skyrim’s community, the new Skyrim Together Reborn release date has been set for later this week on Friday, …

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Where to find Elden Ring Golden Seeds

Elden Ring Golden Seeds locations are vital to find, as theses items increase your Sacred Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears. The more you find, the more you can replenish your health and magic. That’s obviously very useful wherever you are in the world. However, these things are scattered far …

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