iPhone/iPad game of the day: Robot Wants Kitty – a fluffy Metroidvania reminiscent of Krustys Fun House

On iPhone
Robot Wants Kitty
Price: $.99
Size: 8.5 MB
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Look, the game is called Robot Wants Kitty and it plays like a 2D Metroid. What more do you really need to know? If you’re wondering about why this particular mechanized protagonist is programmed to desire felines, unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of character development or gripping plots. But if that name sounds familiar, it should: It was a breakaway freebie hit on Kongregate (opens in new tab)not long ago. Now it’s been ported to the iPhone, and gussied up and expanded upon correspondingly.

The iOS version still retains much of its Metroidvania leanings %26ndash; some levels can take up to 30 minutes or longer to complete. And although the end goal never changes, and the flow to each stage is similar, their massive layouts couldn’t be more different. You’ll always need to collect the programs to upgrade your systems and enable jumping, shooting, and blasting about. There will usually be boss battles in each stage. And yes, you will die a lot, for you see, this robot’s demise is apparently as much a part of life as his love for fat tabbies named Marty.

Robot Wants Kitty is a deceptively difficult title. It’s never unfair, but bound to frustrate from time to time. Fortunately, none of that is due to the controls. Touch-screen joysticks are unlikely to go away anytime soon, but RWK features a control scheme that manages to be as responsive as it is tactile. There’s plenty to keep you busy, and the low price is quite a bargain, meaning that when the mysterious screen promising more content is fully fleshed out, it’ll no doubt further extend the shelf life for this simple, cat-celebrating game. After all, don’t youlike cats (opens in new tab)?

Apr 15, 2011

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