Alice: Madness Returns to include a console port of the original Alice

Here’s some good news for those late to the tea party. Alice: Madness Returns will include a download code for a console port of the original American McGee’s Alice. Released for the PC in 2000, the original Alice was a 3rd person action game with a heavy emphasis on platforming,and hasbuilta substantial cult following over the years. Recently McGee has said that demand for the game has continued unabated for most of the past decade, even in Japan. The version included with Madness Returns will be the first console port of the game.

EA, which is publishing Madness Returns, has made next-gen ports of classic games a staple in their special editions and pre-order bonuses. Dead Space: Extraction, originally a Wii game, was included in the limited edition PS3 version of Dead Space 2, and 2001’s Medal of Honor: Frontline was included in the PS3 version of 2010’s Medal of Honor. It’s currently unclear if the original Alice will also be available as a downloadable game separate from Madness Returns.


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Apr 19, 2011

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