Phil Lord & Chris Miller confirmed for animated Spider-Man film

More Spider-Man news to bring you this morning, with Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman confirming that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are officially working on a new animated movie focusing on everyone’s favourite wall-crawler.

Lord and Miller are currently working on a treatment for the new film, and will also act as producers on the project. No director has been confirmed at this stage, but there has been no suggestion as yet that the pair will also fulfil that function.

It has also been confirmed that this animated film will exist independently of the new Marvel Studios-produced Spidey films. Practically speaking, this means that there will be no continuity between either franchise. Presumably we won’t be seeing a high-school age Peter Parker in the animation…

If there’s a slight risk of overkill involved in all this Spidey activity, the presence of Lord and Miller and their impressive track record should reassure the doubters. The film is set to arrive in the US on 20 July 2018, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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