Paper Mario: Sticker Star luigi locations guide

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is full of secrets. From hidden paths to collectible “things,” there is much to be found, and one of the coolest goals to meet is finding all of Luigi’s locations. Once found, Mario can use his Paperize power to pull his green-garbed brother out from his “stationary” postion. That was a paper joke. Anyway, we won’t spoil the reward for finding Luigi in every spot, but we’ll definitely tell you where to find him. Luigi can be found five times, once in every major zone except for Bowser’s territory. Keep a sharp eye, and let’s get to searching!

World 1-6: Goomba Fortress

As you near the end of the level, you’ll unroll the second half of the red carpet to cover the spike trap. This gives you access to a large green bridge. At the other end, you’ll spot Luigi sitting on the fortress wall. Paperize the level and snatch him up to start your collection.

World 2-6: Drybake Stadium

Make your way up the tower until you reach the fourth level (it’s the one with all the sandy hills). When you round the first corner, you’ll see a Spike and two hills. Head south from the Spike to go through a very easy-to-miss doorway. Outside the tower, turn right to find Luigi sitting in a window. Paperize the level and grab him a second time.

World 3-12: Whitecap Beach

Early in the level, you’ll come to a dock extending into the poisoned sea. Luigi can be spotted sitting on a rock out in the water. Paperize and pick him up.

World 4-5: Whiteout Valley

Timing is everything in this level, and the same goes for finding Luigi. Just before the ski lift ride ends, you’ll spot Luigi riding down the mountain on the other set of lift chairs. Paperize and grab him before he moves out of frame, or you’ll have to ride the lift again.

World 5-5: Rugged Road

As you proceed through the level, you’ll reach an area with X-shaped marks on the ground. You can break through these by using volcanic debris that bombards you during the level. Move through this area until you reach the third set of marks; you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a Fire Bro on the ledge above you. Use the debris to bust through the northernmost mark, and drop through the hole. You’ll have to come down here to proceed in the level anyway, but head north to find a hot spring. Hop into the water to spot Luigi on the left edge of the screen. Paperize and pull him out.

With this guide in hand, you’ll be ready to find Luigi no matter where he’s hiding. For more information on Paper Mario: Sticker Star, you can check out our review. Happy sticking, guys!

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