A multiformat Overwatch is on our minds” at Blizzard

It’s not due for release until next year, but Blizzard’s latest project Overwatch is already making waves with its MMO first-person shooter action. So many waves in fact that the World of Warcraft and Hearthstone developer is even considering the potential for a multiformat release. Designer Jeffrey Kaplan sat down with GamesMaster in its lastest issue to discuss the future of Overwatch…

“That’s an idea that excited us a lot here. Diablo 3 enjoyed a lot of success across platform with Reaper of Souls,” says Kaplan. “So it’s something that’s very much on our mind, we’re still working out the entire business model and exactly how is this game going to present itself to fans? And, as part of that, we’ll be looking into other platforms. Obviously we want our games to reach as many people as possible. As developers you want to engage the community at any level that you can, but right now the only platform that we’ve announced is PC and the future is going to tell us what else is out there for Overwatch.”

With the studio recently revealing how the now defunct Project Titan influenced Overwatch’s DNA, expect the game to attract even more hype as it heads towards its 2016 release window.

The latest issue of GamesMaster, with Overwatch on the cover, is out now. You can buy a copy hereor subscribe (opens in new tab) to future issues.

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