Max Payne 3 calls shotgun in latest weapons trailer

Max Payne is an in-your-face kind of guy, so it stands to reason that the shotgun is one of the vigilante’s favorite go-to weapons. Learn how Rockstar plans to honor Mr.Payne’s killing preferences (and then some) in the studio’s newest weapons trailer.

So, what’ll it be? The semi-automatic M4 Super 90? The pump-action M500? How about the “wicked fast and light” Super Sport? To be honest, as long as it has a trigger and goes “bang”, we’re not going to be too picky in the heat of battle. That being said, nothing says “ultimate bad ass” like dual wielding sawn-off Showstoppers.

This is the latest of many Max Payne 3 trailers to arrive from Rockstar’s warehouse. See how the studio aims to make Max Payne’s multiplayer one of the most dynamic yet in Max Payne 3 trailer brings Bullet Time to multiplayer, and read our preview of the online mode in Max Payne 3 – hands-on with Gang Wars, Payne Killer and multiplayer Bullet Time.

Max Payne 3 is scheduled to pump fist-sized holes into the PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 15 in North America, and May 18 worldwide. The PC version will also arrive as backup on May 29 in North America, and June 1in the UK and Australia.

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