Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 confirmed to launch tomorrow

Earlier this week we reported that Hulu Plus was rumored to be launching on Xbox 360 this Friday, and today Microsoft confirmed that the streaming TV service will indeed be available for XBL members starting tomorrow. Additionally, every Xbox Live member (Gold or free) will have free access to Hulu Plus for a week, apparently sponsored by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (seriously).

After the promotional period, a $7.99/month Hulu Plus subscription, and presumably an Xbox Live Gold account, will be required to continue using the service. And, if you have Kinect, Hulu Plus on 360 will feature full hand-wavey functionality (which makes “losing the remote” a much more serious issue than ever before).

Above: With Kinect, you can skip right through that pesky episode of Modern Family you accidentally started playing

I’ve seen plenty of debate as to whether or not the service is worth the price, especially as it still includes ‘limited advertising,’ but lemme tell you – the combination of Hulu Plus and Netflix offers just about everything I want and is far cheaper than my current cable bill (and I’m not even paying for HD!).

And yeah, I know some people like Modern Family. Few, however, should miss CBS’ non-inclusion, unless you’re still not tired of CSI reruns.

Apr 28, 2011

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