Get twice as rich or die trying in GTA Onlines Prison Break Heist weekend event

The professional criminal lifestyle doesn’t allow for much resting on laurels. If you spent all your GTA Online (opens in new tab) cash on fast cars and golden knuckle dusters from the Ill-Gotten Gains updates (opens in new tab), you’d better get back to work while The Prison Break Heist is twice as rewarding.

From now through Sunday, the second heist in the five-part series will be worth twice as much GTA$ and RP, giving players extra cash and levels for their efforts. Or if you’re still not a high enough level to start pulling Heists of your own (that’s level 12, by the way), you’ll also find a bunch of open-world activities pay out twice as much RP this weekend. Here’s the full list from Rockstar:

– Armored Trucks
– Collecting Bounties
– Completing Daily Objectives
– Crate Drop Collection & Enemy Kills
– Destroy Vehicle Targets
– Distract Cops
– Flight School
– Gang Attack Completion and Enemy Kills
– Holding up a Convenience Store
– Import/Export Vehicle Delivery
– Impromptu Race
– Killing a Mugger
– Lester Kill Targets
– Losing Wanted Levels
– Plane Takedown

Don’t forget: if you want to start hosting your own Heist missions (and start getting the biggest slice of the payouts) you’ll need a high-end apartment to stage them from. Thankfully, several upscale residences are going for 25 percent off all throughout the weekend event:

– 3 Alta Street (Apt. 10 & 57)
– 4 Integrity Way (Apt. 30 & 35)
– Del Perro Heights (Apt. 4, 7 & 20)
– Eclipse Towers (Apt. 3, 5, 9, 31 & 40)
– Richards Majestic Apt. 2, 4 & 51)
– Tinsel Towers (Apt. 29, 42 & 45)
– Weazel Plaza (Apt. 26, 70 & 101)

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