Kings Canyon is back in Apex Legends (but only for the weekend)

Apex Legends (opens in new tab) is bringing Kings Canyon back into the fray, but for a short time only. 

We’re going back to where it all started. 😎Starting tomorrow through Feb 24, in addition to World’s Edge, Season 1 Kings Canyon will also be available to play. 20, 2020

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The game’s original map will be available as its own playlist from Friday, February 21 through Monday, February 24, so consider your weekend plans sorted.

Ranked play will remain solely on World’s Edge, but halfway through Season 4: Assimilation (opens in new tab) it will swap over to Kings Canyon, resetting everyone’s ranks. Your rank at the end of the season is determined by the highest rank you earn in either of the two maps. 

This isn’t the first time Apex Legends has brought back the OG map – it returned last year under darkness and with loot bin spiders for the Halloween Fight or Fright event, and it was featured during this year’s Grand Soirée Arcade event, as well. 

Kings Canyon has changed dramatically since its debut, with the addition of flying creatures and leviathans in Season 2 that destroyed sections of the landscape. Two new areas cropped up in the aftermath: Containment and The Cage.Plus, themed events around Octane and Wraith added their own landmarks – Octane’s Gauntlet, which is basically just the X Games in Apex, and a decaying Project: Wraith facility, which included a portal that re-initiates skydive. Both of these changes were deemed permanent by Respawn, so we’ll see those areas on the map this weekend. 

If you’re like me and trying to work your way up the ranks this season (if I can get through a game without getting kicked from the server), then this weekend is a great chance to re-familiarize yourself with the Kings Canyon map before it takes over ranked play later on in the season. 

Apex has changed a lot in barely a year’s time – check out our Apex Legends timeline (opens in new tab) to see the game’s progress (and slip-ups). 

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