Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX gets new gameplay trailer and adorable commercials

A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX trailer is here to give you an extended look at the gameplay. 

Showing off more of the adorable storybook style of the adventure, it highlights how you determine which Pokemon you are by answering a variety of questions with a personality test. Yes, in the world of Mystery Dungeon, you play as a human who wakes up to find they’ve transformed into one of the little critters… haven’t we all dreamed of that happening, honestly? 

Together with a group of fellow Pokemon, you form the cutest rescue team in all the land. You set out to save other Pokemon who get in a spot of trouble, and face a whole variety of ever-changing dungeons that present you with different challenges. We also get a little look at the ranking system. In previous games, each time you successfully complete a mission, you’ll earn rescue points which will lead to you ranking up and increasing the level of your party. Starting out in Normal rank, you’ll eventually increase in rank after accumulating a certain number of points. 

Nintendo Japan has released an even longer trailer (opens in new tab)which is, of course, in Japanese. While we don’t know what the trailer is explaining (since I’m sadly not fluent in Japanese), it does appear to show off what you do when a Pokemon faints, and also gives us another look at some of the challenges we’ll face when it releases next month.

And that’s not all. Two short little commercials (opens in new tab) have always been released showing various precious Pokemon looking all teary-eyed, but it’s okay because an adorable smiling Pikachu arrives to help them. I didn’t know what true heartache was until I saw Eevee crying. Someone let me give it a hug immediately. 

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