Gotham City Impostors launches tomorrow with plenty of DLC (if you have the cash)

Gotham City Impostors, Warner/Monolith’s online-only Batman-themed FPS, goes live on XBLA and PSN tomorrow. The game’ll set you back $15 or 1200 MSP, whereas some 105 pieces of optional DLC (opens in new tab) flair carry a total price-point of $220. Just how many clothing options your crimefighting career demands is dependent on how much of an outlay you want to make on the title.

Big-money high-rollers can outfit their counterfeit Batman and/or knockoff Joker with all manner of wardrobe accoutrements, ranging from cycle shirts to cargo pants to in-game mascot characters. Eurogamer reports that the title’s European Games for Windows version also includes XP-boosting items for teams and single players alike. The game’s pick-and-choose DLC strategy ought to work well with the piecemeal nature of its protagonists’ arsenals: check out our preview to get an idea how the game plays, and plan your fashion strategy accordingly…

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